Truth about iodine

In order to understand what iodine is and how important it is in our body, we advise you to make a short excursion into the history and understand for yourself what exactly and how iodine was excluded from our diet.

In 1918, scientists proved that feeding rabbits products containing iodine, prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. This and the following published and verified research of the scientists were ignored... 

Until 1956, there were 1,743 iodine preparations, which were actively used in the treatment of all pathologies.

Iodine treated diseases such as paralysis, cholera, fistula, deafness, curvature of the spine, syphilis, tuberculosis, burns, gout, asthma, ulcer, bronchitis, hyperthyroidism, chronic poisoning, angina, atherosclerosis, aneurysm, etc.

No cases of poisoning or deaths were recorded during this time.

And now consider all on order.

In 1930-there was a discovery of iodized salt, thyroidology began to use thyroid hormones in the treatment of iodine deficiency and goiter – this marked the beginning of treatment of thyroid diseases!

In 1948. – the effect of the Wolff – Chaikov declared about necessity concerns inorganic non-radioactive iodine "like leprosy"". Tests on rats never fired on the people, although everywhere can you find a description of what they allegedly performed!

It was after this, according to the well-known in medical circles Professor guy Abraham and began iodophobia, we quote his words:

"Subsequent to this discovery, medical iodophobia claimed more human lives than both world wars combined!››

And then in 1960. - antibiotics have replaced the use of iodine in the treatment of infectious diseases; bronchodilators-in the treatment of pulmonary diseases, antihistamines – in the treatment of allergic diseases.

What were the consequences of all this, you ask and we will answer, the hurricane spread in 1980-2018.such terrible diseases as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, breast and thyroid cancer, has taken in the world the nature of the epidemic and is growing steadily.

So quickly and swiftly the iodine pushed out of our diet, replacing it with chemicals and healing effect on the human body to put it mildly doubtful.

At the same time, Japan, the country in which the lowest percentage of the above diseases, surprises us not only this, also in this country at the legislative level prescribed daily norms of iodine intake from an early age and this is carefully monitored. 

Did you know that in order to get a good job in Japan, will have to pass tests for iodine content in the body?

And the reason for this is quite simple, in the absence of an adequate amount of iodine in the body, the person is less focused on work and has a low efficiency.

According to who, the Japanese do not just live the longest, but also suffer the least.

The main island of Japan uses 100-400 times more than the daily norms of iodine (14 - 200 mg/day)

Japan has the lowest incidence of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer.

Among the Japanese population there is a relatively low incidence of mastopathy, and menstrual cycles in Japanese women are longer than in women from Western countries (short cycles is an increased level of estrogen and low level of progesterone) compared with women from Western countries, the level of estrogen in Japanese women is lower.

And the very secret of the economic miracle, not in technological advances, and the intellectual breakthrough of the Japanese, based on the daily consumption of iodine.

Here is this and there is the Japanese formula longevity without diseases.

The study of iodine properties now leads to even more stunning results. We can say that these discoveries are rightfully superior to many achievements of science and technology of the last 50 years.

How is iodine distributed in the human body?

Thyroid - 3% (50 mg)

Fat (700 mg) and Muscle (650 mg – - 70%


The human body can contain up to 1500 mg of iodine, only the thyroid gland contains up to 50 mg of iodine.

That's the generally accepted norms of iodine don't work!

An adult male is 150 mcg/day

Adult female 150 µg / day

Pregnant woman 220 µg / day

Nursing woman 290 µg / day

"The use of the adopted daily norms of iodine can not ensure the elimination of harm in the oxidation of DNA, and does not have an anti-cancer effect.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Guy Abraham, MD

"Iodine deficiency is the basis of a high level of cancer (especially breast, lung, prostate and ovary), as well as a high level of autoimmune disorders, which we now see in our country.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     David Braunstein, Professor of medicine, USA

How does iodine affect the body?

1.Alkanizing agent

2.Antibacterial effect

3.Anti-cancer effect

4.Antiparasitic effect

5.Antifungal effect

6.Antiviral agent

7.Neutralizer of toxic substances

8.Mucolytic agent (As Guaifensin)

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