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What is Rebirth balm and what effect It has on the human body

Balsam Revival was developed by a group of professors, most of whom are candidates of medical Sciences, more than 17 years ago and since then the range of its application has only expanded, and the formula has become more perfect. Today it is a unique organic product that has no analogues in the world.


For 17 years has done a huge work on studying the main component of the drug Balsam Rebirth, as is customary today to speak of nanocode , its impact at the molecular level in the human body. More than 10,000 clinical studies have been conducted, a huge number of cases of healing people from the most terrible diseases have been documented.

Why is nano iodine so important for the human body?

Firstly, each cell of the body contains and consumes iodine, and secondly, white blood cells can not effectively fight infection without the necessary amount of iodine, and thirdly, iodine is concentrated in the gland system: the thyroid gland, mammary glands, salivary glands, parotid glands, pancreas and lacrimal glands.


What distinguishes the Rebirth of the Balm from the so-called" analogues " of this group of drugs, it is primarily the same formula of organic iodine, found and improved for 17 years by a group of scientists from Kazakhstan, able at the molecular level to penetrate into the cell and affect the very focus of the disease, plus it is monovalent, the drug does not accumulate in the body without causing the same so-called iodism (excess iodine in the body), and calmly displays the remains of iodine that the body does not need.


Rebirth balm Is a safe and unique source of organic life-giving iodine, just a week of reception You will feel the very Japanese power of this mysterious element, cheerfulness, improved sleep, peace of mind and clarity of thinking, will become your constant companions.


And a month of time utilized You will know that diseases just do not exist, and it's not magic , it's the action of the element which was just removed from our diet.


Health to You and your family, live long and without diseases!  

Researchers and project developers Balsam Rebirth

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