Chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis home treatment

Prostatitis is a very common disease inherent in middle-aged and elderly men. The development of the disease occurs over time, and the available symptoms allow to define clearly the actual stage of the disease. In addition, if initially the development of prostatitis can be suspended without much difficulty, the treatment of chronic prostatitis is fraught with many difficulties.

There are many reasons of the disease. However, the foundation is one - inflammation. Therefore, regardless of the situation, the main task is to eliminate the source of infection. Nevertheless, is it possible to treat chronic prostatitis at home in the initial stage? Definitely. However, it is possible only with a well-chosen treatment course, which includes the use of a dietary supplement, known as “Revival” balm.

This production has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It is used in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, among which prostatitis is listed. The effectiveness of the means is confirmed by the results of clinical trials. Balm has no side effects and can be used at any stage of the disease.

The principle of operation is simple. Balsam "Revival" relieves inflammation and a positive effect on the work of the entire urogenital system. The load on specific organs is reduced, and their functionality is gradually restored.


Chronic prostatitis symptoms

Determining the symptoms of chronic prostatitis is quite easy, and many men have already personally experienced the manifestations of such ailment. A sharp increase in urge to urinate (especially at night), weakening of the stream and severe pain when urinating are the general symptoms.

In addition, weakening or absence of morning erection, a decrease in the quality and duration of the average sexual intercourse, the presence of pain during and after sex are also the reasons. After 30 years old, any problems of this kind should be alarming. When they occur, it is obligatory to contact the attending specialist immediately.


Prostatitis causes

The occurrence of the disease is possible in various circumstances, but severe hypothermia, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal disorders are the main causes of prostatitis. Sexually transmitted diseases also have a detrimental effect, especially when combined with a weak immune system.

Smoking and alcoholism are indirect causes of prostatitis, but the main influence is precisely the reduced temperature (which is especially important when working on the street or in poorly heated rooms). It is easy to get prostatitis. However, it is possible to cure it. If you resort to the help of a doctor and buy the balm "Revival".

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