Japanese standard of iodine intake

Japanese standard for iodine intake, its formula and the number

In order to understand what the Japanese standard of iodine consumption is, let's first consider what iodine is generally needed for and what generally accepted standards of its consumption exist.

According to the norms of iodine intake, an adult is obliged to consume 150 mg per day, an adult woman 150 mg per day, the norm for a pregnant woman is 220 mg per day, and for a nursing mother 290 mg per day.

But these norms do not allow the human body to be saturated with iodine in full, as they are not relevant!

As the doctor of medical Sciences guy Abraham said, " the Use of the adopted daily norms of iodine can not ensure the elimination of harm in the oxidation of DNA, and also does not have an anti-cancer effect."

From the above we can safely conclude that 95% of the world's population suffer from iodine deficiency in the body.

We will not plunge into history, especially about this can be read here, and understand why it is useful and what diseases affect iodine.

Iodine normalizes pH in the body, it is necessary for thyroid hormones, as well as all hormones in the human body.

Iodine is responsible for the normal structure of the glandular tissue of the mammary glands, pancreas, ovaries and prostate.

In order to understand how important iodine is in our life, below we will give a small list of diseases that it cures.

CNS dysfunction, asthma, atherosclerosis, mastopathy, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypersalization, hemorrhoids, migraine, hypertension, skin lesions, liver disease, ovarian cysts, diseases of the parotid ducts, cysts of the sebaceous gland, thyroid disease and more.

Also, iodine perfectly removes toxic substances from the body, the list and their use in everyday life will surprise you..

In the first place bromine, which is actively added to bread and other products chemical element which has a zobogennymi, carcinogenic and narcoleptic properties.

In second place fluoride, there is not even much need to paint, take any toothpaste and read the composition, even the children can see there it is also present, about what kind of element we recommend to watch the movie in the section of useful materials.

In third place chlorine chlorinated water in your homes as well as pools, a detailed film is also there in the section.

What is the Japanese standard, and the answer is obvious.

The Japanese are the only nation who lives in a technological world where all these elements and disease and almost no pain.

And the reason for the Japanese longevity and common sense to old age, this is the element called iodine.

Did you know that only in Japan since 1963 at the state level the norm of iodine consumption is 250 times higher than the who norms, and the fact that only there You will not see a good job until you pass the test for the level of iodine in the body?

No it is not superstition, but a reality, because if You do not consume iodine in the rules which needs daily, You simply will not cope with their responsibilities and your performance will be zero.

It is thanks to the consumption of iodine that Japan is such an intellectual and the least ailing country .

In Japan, Oncology is more nonsense than usually, problems with diseases of the breast, thyroid gland and uterus are extremely rare.

According to Professor Flechas, iodine saturation occurs when taking 100mg per day for 6 weeks, and then it is necessary to reduce 50mg per day, this is the Japanese standard of iodine consumption per person per year, for its daily maintenance in the body.

It is this standard is present in 1 capsule of the organic drug balm Revival.

We present you a short video from the curator of the project Balsam Revival Murat Turlubekov about the Japanese standard of iodine intake, we advise you to look and think why we have it wrong..

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