During physical activity and sports

Why during physical activity and in the conduct of an active lifestyle, as well as in sports need Balm Rebirth?

We will talk about the role of iodine in the human body which is prone to leads an active lifestyle.

 In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, we sometimes rush headlong into fitness, swimming and gyms. But only here instead of getting stronger body and soul begin to ache endlessly, without even giving a report why.

And in all this lies 4 reasons that we list.

Reason #1 

In the blood of each person there are special antibodies immunoglobulins that fight viruses and bacteria. So when a person is subject to constant physical activity, most immunoglobulins simply disappear, leaving the immune system unprotected, hence the frequent colds and other misfortunes...

Reason #2

This chlorination of water in the pool where you go for a swim, because it's no secret that chlorine is a very strong poison that very much harms the body, but without it in a public pool nothing will save you from other unpleasant diseases.

Being in the water chlorine which has a very high chemical activity reacts with fatty acids and carbonaceous compounds, resulting in the formation of many toxic substances that enter through the skin and are inhaled into the human lungs.

Reason #3

After training, you need to take a shower, but without it?

Here lies the reason 3, shower with chlorinated water can trigger asthma and exacerbate eczema.

Noticed how after taking a shower with chlorinated water there are unpleasant cosmetic manifestations? It's like dry or flaky skin, dry brittle hair and redness of the eyes caused by irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes. If the answer is Yes, you can draw your own conclusions.

Studies show that while taking a shower through the respiratory tract and pores on the skin in the human body penetrates as much chlorine, how many would get into it if he drank chlorinated water for a year! Thus, the effect of chlorine on a person can be 6-100 times greater than medical standards allow.

Reason #4

This is the reason your hair, they also have a direct impact on your body, because as a result of the fact that chlorine settles on the hair and scalp, oxidizing proteins and causing dandruff, thus making your hair dull and sloppy, it is there and has the ability to accumulate, thereby affecting the body constantly.

And hair in contrast to skin is very difficult to recover fully.

What does organic iodine, you ask, and we will answer, the formula of the Drug balm Rebirth is designed so that it allows you to affect every cell of the human body, thus not just creates the illusion of recovery, and removes the focus of the problem.

In simple words, the molecule of organic iodine penetrating into the cell removes the problem itself, affects the immunoglobulins responsible for human immunity, increasing their quality, thereby making the immune system immune to viruses. Further, with respect to chlorine, the formula not only neutralizes its effect on the body, but also removes those toxins that have already settled in the body.

Exposing your body to physical activity and leading an active lifestyle, a person simply needs organic iodine, because thanks to its formula, it makes the muscles elastic and ready for any physical activity.

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