Certificates of Conformity and Clinical Trials Reports of the Balsam "Renaissance"

All products of the company MTI MEDICAL have all the necessary certificates of conformity, as well as reports on clinical trials in the treatment of prostate adenoma in men, as well as fibrocystic mastopathy in women.

Certificates of conformity and test reports Balsam Revival in Ukraine, in accordance with European norms and standards

Test protocol


Compliance report


Certificate of conformity Balm "Revival" in Kazakhstan, Russia and the Republic of Belarus

Certificate of Conformity Balm "Revival" plus

Clinical Trials Report for Prostate Adenoma Treatment

Report on clinical trials in the treatment of fibrocystic mastopathy

As can be seen from the certificates of conformity and clinical trials of the balm "Renaissance", all products have passed all the necessary certification and tests that have shown really good, one might even say phenomenal impact of products on the human body and this indicates the high quality of these drugs.