The Revival Balm Powder

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Producing country Kazakhstan
Manufacturer MTI Medical
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The Revival Balm Powder

Balsam "REBIRTH PLUS" powder, 180 g enhanced formula

Recently, the fact of the growth of viral hepatitis diseases is recorded, while there is an urgent task of finding an effective treatment, due to the high frequency of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, the development of extrahepatic manifestations that determine the difficulties in diagnosing the disease and its treatment.

According to who, about 300 million people in the world are infected with the hepatitis C virus.more accurate data are available in the Western hemisphere, where 0.5 - 1% of people are infected with the virus. From 70% to 80% of those infected with hepatitis C virus become chronic carriers of the disease. Every year, about 2 million people die from the effects of chronic viral hepatitis.

It is believed that simple liver damage in chronic viral hepatitis C occurs due to the interaction of immunocompetent cells with viral hepatocytes. That is, chronic liver disease occurs mainly due to violations of the immune system.

There is a simple question, where in an organism the critical points of risk lowering immune system of the person. Obviously this is the activity of the Thyroid Gland (hereinafter – SCHZ). Analysis of scientific medical literature shows that the role of iodine factor in the development and course of viral hepatitis, unfortunately, is clearly underestimated.

The human body consists of many organs that are included in the work due to the endocrine system. The endocrine system produces hormones and consists of a number of glands, glands are interconnected with each other. With the failure of the endocrine system, the entire body suffers. It begins with a metabolic disorder or a decrease in the immune system. The most common cause of disease (90%) is a violation of the functions of the SCHZ. Healthy now the thyroid gland is produced by appleblossomart. et the hormone thyroxine, which consists of four atoms of iodine, the so-called iodinated hormone. It is established that our health depends entirely on the correct work of the SCHZ. Measures now the thyroid gland help the body of the patient to enable the process of recovery of health and relief of disease. Now the thyroid gland healthy, which enriches our blood, and it becomes the nutrient is able to initiate healing processes in damaged organs and gradually destroy these violations.

The process of recovery of SCHZ is called the process of turning on the protective functions of the body, increasing immunity, then the body begins to "see" what is happening to it, and to fight attempts to disrupt the organs. In case of fault of now the thyroid gland the body does not see anything. Viruses, bacteria, parasites, dysbacteriosis, tumors – all this goes unnoticed. The main thing is the liver that suffers. Producing a hormone with four atoms of iodine, now the thyroid gland needs in some way, and every day the iodine to.

But living in the endemic zone, where there are no seas and oceans, and, consequently, products containing iodine, no SCHZ does not work normally. A person begins to have problems with pressure, weight, develops diabetes, suffers from the intestine and the main liver.

Producing iodized hormone thyroxine, SCHZ drops it into the liver and only in the presence of this hormone, the liver performs all its functions, the main of which is immune. Immune-that is, it is the production of immunoglobulins by the liver against viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, tumors. The liver is responsible for the entire immune system. So, now the thyroid gland stimulates the liver to produce immunoglobulins and bile and bile secretion, that is, provides her with iodinated hormone to correct the reduction and release of bile during a meal. In a calm state, the bile accumulates in the gallbladder, and during the meal comes out along with enzymes produced by the pancreas. All this happens with the normal functioning of the SCHZ.

Recall that acute hepatitis, caused by drugs and the most severe forms, occur with necrosis

Side effects: can increase body temperature to 37.5-39.5 no more than 2 – 3 hours. In some cases, a slight increase in heart rate. Additional effects: a Tangible increase in vitality, increased appetite. Men after 7 – 10 days expressed night erection. Improved face and nail color. Normalization of a chair.

The popularity of iodine therapy in recent years is at a fairly high level, due to the effectiveness of the use of some iodine compounds to optimize the human body and even for the treatment of a number of common diseases. The advantage of this solution is ultra-secure. An overdose of iodine is impossible, because the surplus substances are quickly removed by natural means.


Treatment regimen: "Balsam Revival" powder (BVP) for FCM and Cancer

The method of treatment of BVP called "iodine Therapy" is based on the saturation of the human body with safe monovalent iodine, which is obtained by attaching iodine to a natural polymer. Pre-clinical and clinical trials proved that BVP is a safe. there is no danger of overdose, undeveloped iodine is naturally excreted through the urine, breathing and sweat glands for 23-27 hours.

Proposed treatment regimen:

1.From the 1st to the 5th day of reception: 1 teaspoon of powder diluted in 100 ml of water (you can add 1-2 teaspoons of honey or jam) is thoroughly mixed and the prepared solution is drunk in the morning 40 minutes before meals.

2.From 6 to 10 day reception: 1 teaspoon of powder diluted in 100 ml of water is thoroughly mixed and the prepared solution is drunk every 2 hours at 8-00, 10-00, 12-00, 14-00.

3.From the 11th to the 20th day of reception: 4 teaspoons of powder diluted in 100 ml of water is thoroughly mixed and the prepared solution is drunk every 2 hours at 8-00, 10-00, 12-00, 14-00.

4.From the 21st to the 25th day of reception: 1 teaspoon of powder diluted in 100 ml of water is thoroughly mixed and the prepared solution is drunk every 2 hours at 8-00, 10-00, 12-00, 14-00.

5. From the 25th to the 30th day of reception: 1 teaspoon of powder to be diluted in 100 ml of water is thoroughly mixed and the prepared solution is drunk in the morning for 40 minutes of food.

Side effects: ingestion may cause slight dizziness, a feeling of heat in the stomach, fever. Usually these symptoms appear at the beginning of the drug and do not require its cessation.


Individual intolerance of iodine, and Hyper-sensitivity to any component of BVP, gallstones, kidney stones.

With poor tolerability of HDPE caused by a large dose of consumption does not require stopping the reception, but it is necessary to reduce the dosage to 2 schemes while the period is extended by 1.5 months.

The above treatment regimen quickly saturates the human body with iodine from 36 mg to 576 mg per day, so the positive dynamics of treatment or the complete disappearance of signs of the disease can already be manifested for 15-30 days. These doses are Approved by the expert Council of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan as safe for daily intake and can be up to 2 grams of iodine.

BAA.Not a medicinal product.


Producing country Kazakhstan
Manufacturer MTI Medical
Weight 231 gram
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